In a school, glass doors and windows top the list of vulnerable access points. Criminals can effortlessly break glass to reach in, climb through, and proceed to unlock the entry. To slow down any criminal looking to break into a school building, security experts have come up with two first solutions.

#1 Solution – Window Films

The first solution is using a window film, which is applied to glass directly to make it challenging to break. The truth is that this product has been in existence for some years now. However, right now it is available with close to forty-two micro-layers of tear-resistant and vigorous safety film.

The films can drastically slow any criminal that is armed with heavy tools from breaking through the glass. The added benefit of window film is the fact that they are incredibly designed to hold to broken glass thus reducing the possibilities of damage or injury caused by the flying glass shards.

#2 Solution – Security Screens

film for your windowsProtecting glass by using security screens is a more secure choice compared to window films. These screens offer an almost impenetrable barrier that is capable of withstanding attacks by knives, hammers, or even assault rifles. Check out this video that demonstrates how security screens provide this effective protection.

Security screens do not have the ability to stop bullets. However, they can resist further tearing, cutting, or any blunt force attacks. They make it next to impossible to create openings large enough to not only reach through but also unlock a window or door.


Compared to window films, security screens are much harder to penetrate.

This is particularly the case if the intruder tries to use a high-powered assault rifle. Since screens are more noticeable in comparison to film, they can also act as effective deterrents. You can get them in either wire mesh or stainless steel. Use tamper-proof screws to attach them to windows or doors.