Home security has been a growing concern in recent years as the crime rate has increased over the years. With increased demand for home security systems, there has been an influx of service providers in the market that claim to be the best in the market and are offering various kinds of services. There are various factors that have to be considered when deciding which security system is the best. The number one factor that has to be kept in mind is the type of features that are being offered by the service provider. Other factors that also need to be considered are the quality of the service being offered, how user/customer friendly the company providing the service is and how much the system is going to cost.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, analysis has been done and the following top 5 best home security systems have been revealed.

  1. Frontpoint

With Frontpoint, you are able to get the following benefits. Firstly, there is no installation fee involved as when you decide to buy the security system, the equipment is directly shipped to you and a service provider will assist you in setting up the system yourself. There are many companies, which offer free service but charge you more for equipment; however, with Frontpoint monitoring is very cheap, as you own the equipment.

There are different kinds of features for monitoring but all the general monitoring is included in the type of services that are offered. Lastly, Frontpoint is a user-friendly service as most of their clients are very happy with what they are getting.

  1. ADT Monitoring

ADT Monitoring is regarded as the number 1 home security service provider in the North American region and they have been an industry presence since 1870. Some of the key features that are included with their service include ADT Pulse, which allows you to control all of your automated homes through your mobile device. ADT also offers voice activation service through which you can activate or deactivate alarms remotely from anywhere by just giving a command on your phone.

  1. Link Interactive

Link interactive has state of the art technology attached to its systems as it uses cell towers to connect to its command center. Link Interactive also offers video monitoring and home automation – and all of these systems are interlinked onto your mobile device. The equipment is shipped free of charge and can be installed DIY as it is very easy to do so.

Installing a home security system is also dependent upon whether you are a homeowner or are renting out. If you plan to move, you might be suitable to get a security system that is wireless and is easy to move around. However, if you plan to move around with your security system, you also need to consider the type of contract you get into, as you need to make sure that you own the equipment fully before moving around. There are also factors like whether you would need mobile access or security cameras need to be installed.