Is your home secure? Can a thief, wall up to the side of your house undetected? Is that lock on your door sturdy enough to prevent someone from using tools to break it?

These are the questions one must ask themselves in today’s world. Anyone can pull off the most heinous of crimes and will not hesitate in doing so trust me.

Why should you become a target? This article provides some of the best home security tips to make sure you are protected from break-ins.

Get A Security System

get a solid alarm installedThis is the most obvious tip. Security systems are great because they cover your entire home. They make sure no one is going to get near your home unless you know about it first. There are so many different security systems out there.
The issue is, these systems can be extremely expensive. To purchase the system and then bring out installers, you may look somewhere in the ballpark of $700 or more.

There are also options out there to DIY your security system for a lot lower price. It would include, motion sensors, cameras, alarms, and anything else you could think of using. The problem with this is that you must be careful enough to cover your entire home. If you have the money, your overall best option is to purchase some security system and get it professionally installed. If you do not have the money, use all the following tips to make sure your home is secured, and you have peace of mind.

Invest in Outdoor Lights

If I am a burglar and I am trying to rob your house, the last thing I want is to be seen. Install flood lights or automatic motion sensor lights around the perimeter of your home. It will let you know if you have any unwanted visitors during the late.

Place Hidden Motion Sensors Around Your Perimeter

What scares most thieves away more than anything is noise. One of the cheapest and best ways to protect your home is to purchase some inexpensive motion detectors. Place these near your entrances and or around your home. Make sure they are hidden so that an unsuspecting trespasser will trigger them without any issues. Most models have a receiver that goes in your home to let you know if a sensor has been triggered. Once the sensors are triggered, loud alarms will go off scaring away any assailant instantly.

Secure your non-entrances

most of the break-ins happen at night

Most of the break-ins happen at night

A non-entrance can be considered as any window or opening in your home that is not used as a traditional entrance. For a thief, anything can be used as an entry point. Windows especially! Make sure to check your windows to see if they have locks on them or some type of device to prevent them from being opened from the outside. That does include all your windows. Even the high-up attic ones. If they are desperate, thieves’ will try anything. Lock your windows.

Triple Check Your Locks and Doors

Is the lock on your door a good enough lock to keep someone from using special lock picking tools to break it? Make sure your doors have sturdy, heavy duty locks on them to prevent anyone without a key from getting in. Also, make sure your doors are sturdy enough to prevent trespassers from kicking or battering it down. A good idea would be to contact your local locksmith and have him come out and give you his opinion and recommendations. That way, you will be sure your locks are secured. Use the services of a Perth Based Locksmith Company if you are located in Western Australia!

Put Away all Outside Tools and Ladders

A thief will usually be brilliant. He or she will use everything they must to get in, including any tools laying around your yard. Make sure you aren’t giving them an advantage and put the tools away. Especially ladders. You do not want anyone getting up on your roof while you do not know about it. By putting everything away, you also will limit the thefts that will happen outside of your home. Who wouldn’t want a nice, new lawnmower sitting on your back porch? A thief sure would. Just do yourself a favour and put things away.

Know Your Neighbours

A great way to prevent burglaries is to strategize and talk with your neighbours. If you talk to them and agree to watch each other’s stuff, you have now just gained another pair of eyes to be attentive to suspicious activity. If your entire neighbourhood practices this adage, no burglars will ever wander into your neighbourhood.

Think Like A Burglar
get a locksmith to check your locks

Get a locksmith to check your locks

The final tip is to start thinking like a thief. Ask yourself, if you wanted to break into your home, how would you do it? If you can answer these questions, you are one step ahead in protecting your home from any unwanted visitors.

These are some of the simplest, best tips to protect your home from break-ins securely. The last bit of advice is always to be aware of strange activity in your area. You never know when it could happen to you. Stay safe and use these tips!